It’s For Your Own Good

For many years now we’ve been told that it was incumbent on government at many levels to enact laws that would ameliorate costs to government and the citizenry for the poor behavior and choices of certain individuals.  Despite the person affected by riding a motorcycle without a helmet we have been told for years that we needed helmet laws because individuals who are injured can become a burden on the community when they don’t have insurance or when they lose their insurance and must be cared for.  We have seatbelt laws for the same sort of reason so we can protect our neighbors and also make certain that they aren’t adding a monetary burden on the community.  These laws proliferate from smoking, drinking, food consumption, child seats and clothing to a constant flow of warning labels on every imaginable product.

My question and I’m just thinking here, is that since the government has mandated full healthcare insurance for all citizens and made it impossible for insurers to even exclude preexisting conditions why can’t we remove all of these duplicitous laws?  Otherwise we have the government mandating good, healthy behavior on one end and then telling everyone that since we are all at such risk we must have full medical coverage for everything from pre-natal care to end of life counseling and everything in between whether we want it or not.  Doesn’t someone have to start asking at what point along the spectrum we actually have freedom and self-determination if the federal, state, local and community government regulates and/or mandates every aspect of our lives.

The EPA controls our air, water and land.  The government regulates food, drink, transportation, education, bedding, clothing, business, hiring, firing, trade, import/export, recreation, housing, etc.  Ask yourself what thing or activity in your life is not regulated or in some way controlled or guided by government at some level.  It seems to me that the ultimate truth is that none of this is about the health or well being of the citizenry.  What you have here in the final analysis is nothing more than government bureaucracies grabbing ever more control over our lives.  I know I’m pretty much a dinosaur at this point but that’s how I came to the conclusion that Thinking Is For Dinosaurs.

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