I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

I have been exposed for years to people saying things that just didn’t seem to make sense.  All of us have experienced this at one time or another but for some reason it seems lately the experience has become one of almost constant repetition in our society.  Now I don’t have a problem with asking or encouraging our fellow man to be civil and respectful of others and I personally believe that as a Christian I have a responsibility to do so.  Despite my faith, however, I am positive that not one person on this planet is entitled to have their feelings taken into account by any other person.  There is absolutely no right to sensitivity in nature and your feelings are your own responsibility.  You are the determining factor in having your feelings hurt or having your delicate sensibilities offended.

I think instead of all the sensitivity training which is actually nothing more than leftist reeducation we should actually go back to simply teaching everyone that words can never hurt you.  The world is hard, cold and imminently unfair.  What needs to stop today is the constant repeating of incidents where some person says something, I don’t care what they say, and some other person labels it as bullying, hate speech, triggering, mean, dismissive, divisive, etc., etc.  The offended person in concert with what usually amounts to the entire left, socialist, progressive, life controlling apparatus then steps in to tell the one who uttered the dangerous, evil, life destroying word or phrase that they must be censored and trained in how to accept the new soft, fluffy, non-offensive word or phrase that they have deemed as appropriate.  The small print on this demand, however, always leaves room to alter this arrangement in the future when the newly trained word or phrase becomes offensive at some future date.

So just to reiterate I speak, you hate my speech and then oppress me with your hate by telling me to be silent unless I agree with you.  Folks I may just be a dinosaur metaphorically speaking but even I know that’s insane and that, my friend, is why I believe that “Thinking Is For Dinosaurs”.

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